• For Artists


    We offer songwriting services for bands, artists, and individuals.  Whether you would like to hear our originals and ideas, or would like for us to write based on your own idea or title, we can provide new, fresh material.



    "Your Story"


    If you are not an artist, but would like a sentimental song in honor or memory of a someone special or a unique event, we would love to work with you and write your song.  We will take your story, put it in song format, demo it, and provide you with a CD and MP3 version of the song.  This is a great gift idea!





    A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a person's life.  Why not play an original song written especially for the happy couple?  With just about every ceremony idea already thought of and used in modern weddings, this would give your wedding a special touch that is like no other.  Let us write your love song.





    If you are a songwriter, and would like to have a demo of your song, we can provide you with superb service.  CrossPeace Music in Amory, MS and Studio 115A in Columbus, MS are equipped with excellent recording features and expert engineering.  We take extra time to be sure you are satisfied and to give you the best quality demo possible.  If you have a song, but prefer a demo singer, we have male and female artists who can perform the vocal tracks for you.  We can provide a simple guitar/vocal or something more extravagant with a full band.  You call the shots!



    Music Lessons


    Our gang of artists and musicians all teach private voice, guitar, piano, mandolin, and stage performance lessons.  Contact Roz at 662-295-9618 for information.



    Live Performances


    At Roz Merchant Music, we have connections to artists and bands who can perform at your wedding reception, cook out, business function, or event.  We, also, can provide you with singers and musicians for weddings, ceremonies, etc...  If you need a live performer for your upcoming event, we can assist you in either utilizing our artists, or finding someone more suited for you and your audience.